Geography and me…

Early on in life I took a fancy to Geography as a subject simply to know more about the world with dreams of travelling far and near someday. Of course it was also so that I would sail through my graduation with a lot of practical work and less of theory!!! Boy….then I had no knowledge that practical work needed long strenuous hours of hard work with steady hands in dark rooms tracing maps and hours under the harsh sun in dusty and hot conditions doing surveys and measuring distances. My goal was to never do math again after school. But little did I know that every geographer has to be a little bit of a mathematician with long hours of cartographic and statistical calculations. Although I never escaped the theory part and also had to cram in a lot of numbers and statistical formula  while becoming a geographer, I thoroughly enjoyed my graduation years and all my later studies.   My geographical knowledge has stood by me in good stead and as the years went by, I enjoyed every bit of the travelling that I did and discovering all that I had learnt in the classroom in actual reality. Be it the mountains, streams, glaciers, deserts or the people and the cultures that I encountered, it has awed me to understand how varied the world is in its physical sense  and yet people everywhere are essentially the same. They have the same emotions and feelings and if you are good to them there is always someone good to you. Geography has helped me understand cultures and people in a way that has opened my mind’s window to intake all with a free spirit. My experiences have been guided with the fundamentals of the subject and I will forever cherish my favourite subject….Geography…..

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