Inspiration Is Thy Name

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative—that is how inspiration is described. What can I say about the friend who is an inspiration to me–she has inspired me enough to take up more creative pursuits than I ever have challenged myself with before. She has brought a new the sense of adventure and has given me a fresh window to capture life in all its essence.

It did not always start out that way. I know her for a long time now, some 24 years. In the initial years, we were just friends. She was intelligent and fun but I did not know her well. The more I understood her then, I felt uncomfortable with her occasional negative energy. Naive as I was about relations and life around, I could not comprehend her negativity in the face of all her academic and career successes. We lost touch for a good many years then and I made no effort to reconnect with her. She must have been busy exploring her world  for she made no contact too.

We came back to knowing each other better again in the last 5 years. In the last 3 years, she gave up her regular job in the ‘pursuit of life‘. It was then that I realized what a turn-around she has made with her attitude, thinking, relations and everything else included called life. She exudes positive energy and pursues her goals with creative passion. She arms herself with in-depth knowledge and dares to question all that she does not understand. She chases her doubts with zeal till she finds her answers. She strives to excel in all that she does with a clear understanding of facts and fiction. She travels all over the world and explores history, geography, people, cultures, arts and food with the hunger of a child who has just stepped into this world.  She finds solace in spirituality and practices religion and rituals with a scientific mind. She reads all that comes her way and absorbs it like a sponge for her mental computer. She treats her body as a temple and duly takes care of her mind and her soul. For her, ‘Life is a Vacation‘ now and she enjoys her vacation to the fullest.

For me, I know she is always there with a listening ear, an open mind and ready with all the answers to my questions. She is my yellow pages to knowing and knowledge now. If ever I am in doubt, I know who to ask. And when trouble knocks on my door, I know I have a window of inspiration called ‘Sangeeta‘.

Thanks Sangeeta for being the ‘Inspirational one’.

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1 Response to Inspiration Is Thy Name

  1. Sangeeta says:

    Thank You. I am honoured, humbled and thoroughly embarrassed…

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