Spring Flowers

kukenhofAmsterdamApr2012 016April is the time to bloom and flower. A riot of colours and sweet smell will envelope your senses all around as the new buds bursts into full blooms.

kukenhofAmsterdamApr2012 019

All over Europe, the cold harsh winter gives way to the warm sun and life awakens from its deep slumber. Every morning will bring you a new surprise of colour and bloom. It 

kukenhofAmsterdamApr2012 046is like a finely orchestrated symphony of mother nature. 

I was fortunate to experience this dance of nature during my years of stay in England. The best of it was however seen in 

kukenhofAmsterdamApr2012 353  Keukenhof, Amsterdam. If you are around in Europe, a visit to this garden is a must. The vibrant colours of the flowers, the serene lake, the tall trees and the green grass, the winding 

kukenhofAmsterdamApr2012 316

paths and the beautiful decorations is sure to take your breath away. For nature lovers and botanists, a day is too short here. For the vagabond tourists who are on a tight 

kukenhofAmsterdamApr2012 585schedule, the day will seem to pass by in a breeze. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, lilys and orchids are the highlights of this garden in a mind-boggling array of colours and hues. 

Flowers and blooms are always refreshing and spread happiness. A beautiful and happy time spent in the lap of nature will sooth all your senses and renew your zest for life. Experience the magnificence of nature at its best…..

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