Retreat in the Little Rann Of Kutchch

Kutchch2012Dec 426As we drove into the small dusty hamlet of Dasada, we were greeted by the rural setting of the Rann Riders. This small eco-friendly resort was a perfect setting to explore the surrounding salt desert marshes of the Little Rann in the Kutchch area of Gujarat.

Kutchch2012Dec 556We were fascinated by the ‘Bhunga’ cottages where we stayed. These bhungas were designed as the homes of the native ethnic Rabari population. The basic but comfortable accommodation gave us the rustic village feel that we urbanites so crave for. The greenery around encouraged us to explore the Kutchch2012Dec 395property and we ended up discovering a small lake side walk rich with bird population. Kutchch2012Dec 590The pandemonium of parrots made a cacophony that hurt our ears but it was a pleasant departure from the ugly vehicle sound that we are so used to in our cities. A gaggle of geese and a raft Kutchch2012Dec 576of ducks, wandered around the area so did a peacock. Pond herons and kingfisher birds were eagerly fishing in the lake. Kutchch2012Dec 387An emu fascinated us near the dusty parking lot but gave us a scare when she decided to chase one of her admirers. A horse stable and some dogs completed the perfect place to unwind, release our stress and rejuvenate all our senses. An evening was spent absorbing Kutchch2012Dec 565the happy rhythm of the song and dance by the local Rabari tribe. Their colourful clothes with loads of jewellery and smiling faces were the highlight of our visit. Kutchch2012Dec 442The Rabaris used to be a nomadic tribe but today they lead a more sedentary lifestyle and are actively encouraged to integrate into the social structures of the local population.
Kutchch2012Dec 441

Warm and tasty good food topped with excellent service and at-home hospitality made our stay here an experience to remember.Kutchch2012Dec 436

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