Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

The Earth has been interpreted by man with lines and distances to understand its enormity. The geographical significance of such lines like the Equator or the Tropic of Cancer are enormous and such imaginary lines have been the building blocks of many a studies.

The Prime Meridian passing through Greenwich near London divides the earth into two hemispheres of East and West. Standing over the 0° meridian here, the significance of time and distance measurement dawned upon me and I salute the earliest geographers who delved into measurement, astronomy and geography. If not for them, we would still not have mapped and understood our earth better.

The tip of the continents and landmass has always fascinated us. Standing here at the tip of New Zealand, closest to the continent of Antarctica and overlooking the Southern Ocean, the traveler self in me wanted to explore the icy continent across the ocean.

While travelling in the Kutch region of Gujarat in India, we crossed the Tropic of Cancer twice. It is the line that demarcates the tropical from the temperate zone. Climate and vegetation are diverse between these two geographical areas and they have a profound influence over the people who inhabit them.

The ‘Polarsirkelen’ or the Arctic Circle passes through Norway. While travelling by train from Trondheim to Bodo we crossed over the circle into the Arctic Zone. The train slowed down enough for us to click some pictures but unfortunately we were not allowed to de-board. The Arctic Information Center and the symbolic latitudes and longitudes on the earth can be seen in the above pictures.

There was a significant change in vegetation as we crossed over the Arctic Circle. The taller trees gave way to very small bushes and more of moss and lichen like vegetation. The cloudy cover with a drizzle of rains added to the romanticism of the fact that we had crossed over the Arctic Circle. Our smile say it all for our quest of the Arctic Circle and beyond had been achieved. Our final destination in Norway was Bodo which is nestled in the Arctic Zone and here we experienced a way of life unlike we have ever seen before.

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2 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

  1. Colline says:

    Sounds like an interesting trip.

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