Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

These curves created in the 14th Century AD by Sultan Ahmed Shah I was built in the center of the then newly built town of Ahmedabad where people gathered for their religious prayers and social milieu. Called the Jami Masjid, it stands today within the walled old town of Ahmendabad. Some scholars consider this mosque as the most imposing and magnificent mosque of the East.

Built with yellow sandstone, this mosque is designed in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture and has 15 domes supported by 260 pillars. The roof of the central domes are curved like lotus flowers influenced by the Jain temple architecture. Influenced by Hindu temple architecture, some of its pillars are curved like hanging bells showing perfect harmony of religions in those times. In the center of the courtyard stand a tank of religious ablutions.

Originally intended for the usage of the Sultan and his royal family, this curved wonder became the pride of all people and is still today used for religious prayers. Jami Masjid today is visited by many from within the country and abroad and appreciated for its smooth and flowing curves.

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