Vigeland’s Sculptures in Frogner Park, Oslo

Gustav Vigeland, the master Norwegian sculpture artist created sculptures from blocks of granite and metal and we encountered some of his masterpieces in Oslo’s Frogner Manor and Park. His breathtaking creations follow life and its cycle in the most simple yet intriguing manner. The simple depiction of emotions in the sculpted faces are as diverse as the rainbow and the enormity of the figures forced us to reflect on our own existence in the universe.

I was most amazed with the numerous depictions of father and son and children. The family which is the building block of all society seemed to be what Gustav Vigeland was most influenced by. His portrayal of the raw emotions between man woman and child is amazing and heart touching.

The highlight of the park is the Monolith and the figures of the Monolith are all intertwined with each other in the most amazing way reaching towards the sky and is thought to depict man’s ultimate desire to be one with the Supreme Being.

The Fountain—In the center of the basin, six giants hold the large saucer-shaped vessel aloft and from it a curtain of water spills down around them. The figures of the fountain are said to depict the cycle of life — from death (plants and trees) to the birth of new life.

The granite structures were amazing—36 groups in granite depicts the Wheel of Life and we loved every one of the figures that we encountered. This group of sculptures depict man’s journey from the cradle to the grave.

This is the world’s largest sculpture park to be designed by a single artist and was the highlight of our visit to Oslo. Without doubt it is the most important tourist attraction here. Gustav is also famed for designing the Nobel Peace Prize Medal.  Born is 1869, Gustav Vigeland hold a very special place among the Norwegian sculptors for his creative imagination and his enormous capability to produce some of the most stunning sculptures ever.

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