Highway 17 to Santa Cruz

This is Highway 17 in California, USA, which connects San Jose in the Bay Area to Santa Cruz on the Pacific Coast. Winding through the Los Gatos Hills and the Scott’s Valley, it is one of California’s most scenic highways. Shaded with huge trees, the play of light and shadow can make driving difficult for first timers on this route. The route has heavy traffic and along with narrow shoulders, blind curves and sharp bends, it makes this highway one of the most dangerous highways in California. The destination of Santa Cruz at the end of this route though makes it a highway worth passing through.

The largest town of the Santa Cruz County in California is Santa Cruz. It sits on the northern edge of Monterey Bay along the Pacific coast. This beautiful quite town is a destination of all people who love the ocean, the sun and the sand. The walk along the ocean front in Santa Cruz is a view worth millions. On a clear sunny day, the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean, coastline and skyline all blending into one is a feast to one’s eyes and soul.

Surfing has been a major attraction to many here. Some come to compete in the prestigious competitions while others simply enjoy the sport from the windswept shore. If you are anywhere near here, do come along and soak in the incredible atmosphere of this town and its shore along the Pacific.

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