The Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most enchanting cities of the world is San Francisco. The beautiful Pacific Ocean lends this city its misty and mysterious cover where residents and tourists alike are in awe of its sights and sounds. One of the iconic structures of the world is to be seen here–The Golden Gate Bridge. This bridge connects the City of San Francisco to Marine County. The most photographed bridge in the world is an engineering marvel of its time and was the longest bridge for around 27 yrs after it was built in 1937. Mist and fog from the Pacific Ocean often cover the bridge giving it a mysterious aura. This bridge attracts people from all over the world in all seasons and the wind swept and cloud covered views of San Francisco’s skyline are a million dollar view not to be missed if you venture to this part of the country.

The bridge can be crossed by car, bicycle and even on foot. Driving on the Golden Gate Bridge is an experience in itself. Its 6 lanes are a part of US Route 101 and California Highway 1.

Golden Gate is a suspension bridge designed and built under the able guidance of Joseph Strauss. It stands as the symbol of recognition for the city of San Francisco and even California. Seen here is the city of San Francisco as a backdrop to the bridge on a clear sunny day.

The 1.7 miles of the bridge covers Golden Gate Strait connecting the Pacific Ocean to the San Francisco Bay. The red colour of the bridge is from the red rust free paint used to save the bridge from the ravages of weather. It is also a favourite spot to commit suicides. People come from far and near to keep their appointment with death. Besides patrolling, numerous suicide hotlines and posters try to discourage the people from jumping off the bridge and into the frigid waters of the strait, a drop of about 75m.

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